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Thin-walled bearing requirements
Edit: Cixi dromaeosaurs bearing factoryDate: 2016-05-13

For sealing of thin-walled bearing production completed in the appropriate oil, open set the seal on the host, to prevent grease leakage. Too little attention to the fat content, can easily lead to lack of fat or dry friction affect life expectancy. Oil Lead to excessive temperature rise. Grease a large number of leaks, not only pollute the environment, and waste. Therefore, entering the thin section bearings FAG bearings Grease under the premise of better, in order to ensure sufficient lubrication.

Lubrication and friction: friction resistance, part of the thin film is formed on the surface. Cooling: by oil circulation to remove heat and prevent sintering. Clean: through the oil, clean the working surface of the friction parts and Metal production of other materials. Seal leak: gas leaks and external contaminants. Corrosion: can be adsorbed on the surface to prevent water, air, acids, harmful gases and contact parts. Buffer zone: a sharp rise in engine The cylinder pressure, sudden increase of Pistons, piston pins, connecting rods and crankshaft oil to withstand impact loading, load up on a cushion.

Grease lubrication is the direct coating of grease to the moving surfaces of thin-walled bearing. But the FAG bearing raceways and sliding work surfaces when you enter the grease, must adhere to the following 5 principles:

(1) grease must be run through the working surface of thin-walled bearing and bearing internal clearance, so that a full of grease that lubricates.

(2) in FAG bearings should retain a certain amount of grease on the surface of the work, and a certain amount of time, but also prevented from loss due to excessive grease.

(3) input and discharge flow of a voice of the grease seal requirements, this facilitates the invasion of dirt out.

(4) under the premise of guaranteeing the good lubrication to minimize the amount of grease.

(5) at the end of grease flow open exit hole to allow additional greases can crowd out the old grease to ensure good lubrication. A reminder, when in FAG bearings with grease lubrication, be sure to note the thin-walled bearing operating temperature range of the grease, if not at the right temperature range, then the effect will be counterproductive.