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Do you know? Bearing will affect caster bearing life
Edit: Cixi dromaeosaurs bearing factoryDate: 2016-05-13

Castor bearing lots of time was lack of attention to detail. Different caster wheel bearings function is not the same, load, service life, price is very different. To purchase product from the casters with bearings, find casters If there is a problem of quality, is very important. No bearing casters will lose value. Therefore, the bearing not only from the size, specifications, load, material considered above also on wheels, wheel diameter and rotational speed wheel Distance and so on.


Casters for different environments have different requirements: factory with the casters are different from firms with casters, tool cart with casters is different from hospital beds with light duty casters, shopping carts with casters must completely different from those used to transport heavy load in the factory Castor.

Plain bearing: the wheel bearings bearing is the most simple form of sliding or friction. They can shock, almost maintenance-free and based on material properties, can also be corrosion-resistant.

Roller bearing: addition to wear resistance and deep groove ball bearings, this heavy-duty bearings are mainly used in seismic and castors for transport equipment. Compared to other bearings and roller bearings, with its extremely low installation height, low rolling resistance and is known for its huge load. Equipped with roller bearings, wheel speed must not exceed 4 km/h, close to walking speed.

Conical bearings: tapered roller bearing is one of the most important in the roller bearings. Compared with conventional bearings, their advantage is to expand the use of areas, to provide improved mobility.

Ball bearings: the unique design, and industry-standard single-row radial ball bearings, precision bearings of the highest quality models. With these ball bearing wheels carrying maximum loads, can still maintain a very low rolling resistance.