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Mountain bike bicycle hub full ball bearing maintenance to extend vehicle life
Edit: Cixi dromaeosaurs bearing factoryDate: 2016-05-13

Water or water mixed with sand as a medium into the equipment, in particular full ball bicycle hub bearing positions of bicycle component life and performance. Scroll wheel is the most important core of hubs, too much into the sand inside the bearing breaking roller wear caused by oil-film on the surface of the ball, not only will resistance increases, but will also seriously damage the bearing of vehicle use. Drum routine maintenance has become a must, not only can increase the service life, can keep the wheel run and lower failure rates.
Currently on the market can be divided into two kinds of flower drum, is a forest bearing hubs, the other is loose beads-flower drum. Palin drum is widely used, vertical force is good, easy disassembly easy to install or maintain, advantages of Palin can be replaced, but based on the structure of water in General, basic anti-fouling mechanism can prevent only a few particles of sand into, but not waterproof, so Palin drum maintenance cycle is shorter. Loose beads-flower drum is the most famous Shimano production, relying on sophisticated technology, market share and no less, and high durability, Shimano's specialty is the labyrinth-type waterproofing system, rainwater and sediment is difficult to access, such as bearing, waterproof and very good, low failure rate, long maintenance intervals and other characteristics.
Drum maintenance
Routine maintenance is simple, just remove the flywheel with cotton cloth to get rid of accumulated in sediments near the base of the tower. Bulk beads drum General not recommends car friends itself demolition, because is angle contact bearing of relationship, bearing Zhijian of clearance hard adjustment to original of State, and very with risk, had tight of words easy appeared wear mill out tunnel, had pine easy by shaking impact, in roll ball surface formed Ma points or roll ball fragmentation of situation, if need demolition maintenance of bikers recommends to professional of bike maintenance shop for maintenance.
Types of bearing maintenance is much simpler, there are no taboos, disassembly, cleaning, refueling can be completed maintenance, bearing directly change it.