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Caster bearings , in order to calculate the load capacity casters need, you must know the weight of the transport equipment, maximum load and with single number of wheels and castors.

Caster bearings, mainly divided into light casters (chrome bracket round stick Chloroprene rubber tires, chromed bracket hollow rivet Chloroprene rubber) metal support frame, casters (silk Rod-shaped, hollow rivets), STO-type plastic scaffold casters (active/fixed type, screw type, screw type, stainless steel insertion type) CPT medical twin wheel castors (screw type, screw type, economic activity/fixed type, insert Rod type) and Center and medical casters double brake casters, to meet the medical and environmental requirements. first of all, consider the magnitude of the road obstacles, the use of residual material on the site (such as iron, grease), the State of the environment (Such as high temperature and room temperature or low temperature) and can carry the weight of the wheels wheels to determine choices for different conditions, such as material, e.g. rubber-not acid-resistant, oil and chemicals, super high strength polyurethane polyurethane wheels, wheels, Nylon wheels, steel wheels and high temperature you can apply a different special environment.

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