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Bicycles bearing the manufacturer's maintenance
Edit: Cixi dromaeosaurs bearing factoryDate: 2016-08-08

Bearings for bicycles, the same as the joints of the body, whether it is able to rotate or swing places, turning bearing or gasket is used to make the parts more smoothly. Bearing the extent, the amount will vary depending on price or the car, currently hard tail bike uses the bearing parts are: leading, the flower drum, pedal and shaft; if the problem in bearing and continued to ride, bearing not only deformation, jammed, also indirectly led to the surrounding part deformation or damage. Therefore, to develop the good habit of regularly checking the bearings, is to protect the car and the best way to ensure ride safety.

  Bicycles bearing manufacturers of bicycle bearings maintenance knowledge

1. mechanical stability

Oil is rotating at high speed will become soft, resulting in leaks when there is motion, grease will be thrown from the squeeze on the Raceway, and grease the mechanical disintegration SOAP architecture makes the destruction of oil and even throw bearing.

2. mix oil

Absolutely not incompatible greases are mixed, if two incompatible greases mixed, usually the consistency will become soft, finally because oil easy to damage caused by the loss, if you don't know your bearings using grease, then you want to clear all the grease and add a grease lubrication.

3. rust-protection

Mountain bike grease in the bearing are rust and antirust properties of oil solubility, material and viscosity determines different levels of bulk density and anti-rust properties. Sticky consistency and better lipid-soluble oils with poor water, so fat even Palin cavity was filled with water, can also be formed on steel surface layer can resist oil film. If car of speed low, oil of select can relative with stick consistency slightly high, but waterproof sex very strong of type, because bike in wash car, rainy day, off-road, are often and water deal, this on makes waterproof sex very important, even is slightly stick heavy of oil, also not effect low turned Xia of smooth, and a but surface formed has oxidation damage, that whole peeling process and aging process are will fast of increased.

Maintenance caring tips

(1) most easily contaminated dust parts of the bearing, so regular cleaning to prolong the service life of the bearing.

(2) bearing specification will vary according to the component brand, novice or find stores replaced more appropriate.

(3) when used with titanium alloy bearing and bearing, you need to use titanium interface agents, to achieve the effect of lubrication.

(3) given the precision of bearing products, and most have skid pads, so when it comes to unpacking, repacking the bearings, it is better to put some Lube disassembly.