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Cartridge headset bearings maintenance methods and recommendations
Edit: Cixi dromaeosaurs bearing factoryDate: 2016-05-13

Cartridge headset bearings maintenance methods and suggestions:
1. bearing clearance measurement
To detect whether the Head parts before riding loose: tighten the front wheel under braking conditions, the body before and after pushing a few millimeters, and then on the thumb and index finger on the bearing housing. Feel the shell on the gasket cracks actuating status, if Head parts clearance need to be re-set, even if the gap is only a few mm shell, nor careless.
2, adjust
Who wish to adjust the screw on the Head parts, require special Head parts the screwdriver. First of all, try to lock the bearing housing on, Head parts the gap disappeared but can still be turned easily. Bearing shell keep and then another nut lock opener will reverse. Note: in reverse when the locking screw, bearing shell is not turning. Head parts tuning very easy, even when you try. Start with a recessed screwdriver hand vertical tube clamp screws to loosen. Bowl group covered the recessed screws adjust the bearing clearance.
Note: after every turn half circle shall check whether the Head parts are still a gap. If the gap has disappeared, you can lock the risers of the vehicles back.