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  • Discussion on micro bearing


    Miniature bearings refers to metric, outer diameter of less than 9mm; British series, various types of bearings is less than 9.525mm outer diameter! mainly made of carbon steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, plastics, ceramics, and minimal internal diameter of which can be done 0.6mm, diameter of 1mm more. 1. micro bearing structures; 2. micro bearing lubrication
  • Cartridge headset bearings disassembl...


    1. cartridge headset bearings removal 2. the maintenance cartridge headset bearings Head parts bearing the manufacturer's tips:
  • Wheel bearing how to remove


    For a wheel bearing removal we mainly have the following methods: (1) temperature disassembly method (2) pressure-removal method (3) method of hydraulic disassembly
  • Bicycle bearings manufacturers resolv...


    Bicycle bearings manufacturers resolve their installation and maintenance: Bikes rely on engine-driven vehicles bearing the human body smooth and reduce energy consumption makes speed bicycle bearing friction rises will affect the speed of minimum power loss perfectly smooth bike bearing must be combined with SKF bearing near-perfect product warranty manual Assembly of percentage forest damaged lubrication damage percent percent percent pollution damage fatigue damaged liquid hybrid bearing case with common axis axis bicycle engine-driven vehicles relies on the human body.
  • Wheel bearing-wheel maintenance


    But no matter what, caster bearings was part of casters in, since we have to take good care of him, so what do we care for him?
  • Select several micro bearing elements


    When we select micro bearing some of the factors we have to consider, because these factors may directly influence the quality of miniature bearings.
  • The development trend of micro bearing


    Miniature bearings are mainly used for matching with the hosting industry, including automotive, appliance, medical equipment and other industries and related industries will drive industry demand.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of micro...


    Advantages of micro bearing-stainless steel bearing Disadvantages of micro bearing-stainless steel bearing
  • Design characteristics of thin-walled...


    Thin section bearings deep groove ball bearings and four-point contact ball bearing, angular contact ball bearings. In the different series are available in the above design. Series depends on the cross section size. Ball match series.
  • Thin-walled bearing-the difference be...


    Indeed, compared with SKF than ZWZ easier, but can clearly see SKF packaging is carefully designed, simple but not simple. ZWZ package is a unique style of Chinese industrial products, packaging is thick but almost no design aesthetic at all. Some people will find industrial products what you want beauty, but in my opinion this is the attitude of the two companies the difference and different corporate culture, then deep and can even see two gaps in enterprise management level.
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