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Full ball bicycle hub bearing adjusting maintenance tips
Edit: Cixi dromaeosaurs bearing factoryDate: 2016-07-27

Believes many car friends are is from low-grade car began burn up of, I has a car thousand Yuan around of low-grade car, with has has four or five years has, for I of times travel State Xia has played, while due to I is like hands-on since has maintenance car car, thus it also with to I has many maintenance fun, gossip less said, into Chase full ball bike drum axis.
Low drum features:
1. the seal is bad. Some not bad in General, not to mention washing, rain, is normally used to regularly come on maintenance.
2. simple structure. Usually only the shafts, beads and bowls, stalls, outside the lock screw and a dust of iron GUE GUE (names most of Cartwright and the door).
3. cheap, casual, bad pain, I do need this to provide the opportunity to display the talent.
Low drum repairs skills:
1. removed. Very simple, see screws screwed. Note 1, outside of the lock screw within and between files make sure to loosen, turn or twist the two together, and it will easily turn hollow shaft threads. Note 2, place a sheet of newspaper on the floor, roll beads fell out without playing. Don't leave the beads, or even sports car to buy.
2. wash. Petrol, detergent, wipe or cloth will do, be sure to clean and dry. Take a look at the Bowl by the way, what injuries did not, pitting much of the document will change, Bowl pitting to change the drum.
3. the oil. Don't tell me that you want to use the 5 chunks of stuff in oil investment is well worth the money, even though we are using against the drum, does not mean that we don't love our car, car car, car car can you love you. I use 301 barrels of lithium grease (blue like the sea), known as rust-proof and waterproof. I lubricated with experience is good, winter and summer, is not not waterproof.
4. install. In the side of the axis, outside of the locking screws fitted with locking (remember the time of removal, or good morning will find the side of the axis of the wheel by a section). To what extent locks only tight, locked to the great "dark energy" snarl fixed so far (this is important). Put the Bowl foot oil, beads up, put into the shaft, and tighten the screws on the other side of the document. First in the guarantee document and the beads are "open" (must not be too large, and then locked tight when locking and locking screw was already installed axis but without a good tune (and beads a bit "open content").
5. adjustable. With a big wrench shaft locking screw on the side of, another big wrench to loosen the lock screw on the other side (to put it bluntly, to squeeze files), twisted by hand turn the shaft until "open" very, very, very small, but must have bit by bit. (No open quantity will lead to a problem, does not go well when the quick release. Press down on idling, not too good or shock. "Open content" just after the compact quick release. Was also said to have "open" will cause the secondary shock, hurt and bowls in the next, "open content" is relative, on the precision of the shaft will be open again, but in a different size, if stress free "open content" and go and ride only in large factories with special equipment can be achieved.