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Positioning of the cartridge headset bearings and the importance of his
Edit: Cixi dromaeosaurs bearing factoryDate: 2016-08-01

  Cartridge headset bearings positioning

In front tube diameter at through Qian fork of Qian fork straight tube, and Qian fork straight tube its wear out front tube of top Department put reset with its bottom Xia pressure front tube and Qian fork straight tube between of car head Bowl and is located in Qian fork straight tube bottom and front tube bottom between of got off head bowl of handles straight tube, and the front Bowl within has bearing, and front tube relative Yu the front bowl of bearing at set reset axis body, and the reset axis body is through relative Yu the front bowl of bearing end margin and set of oblique to reset margin positioning bearing. Both ends of the front tube diameter relative to reset the axle body with chimeric slots SAG, while shaft is provided with corresponding to the chimeric slots projecting chimeric. Characterized, front of the bowl of the pipe relative to the head bearing set reset shaft, and each shaft is by relative to the front of the bowl of the inclined to reset the margins for the bearing edge to bearing. Through the structure, the stable positioning of the bearing, and the composition and maintenance is very convenient.

Bicycles as an environmentally friendly mode of transport for travel and travel are very convenient. Now more and more people will bike riding as fitness equipment used to exercising, bicycle outings. With the development of science and technology, manufacturing technology has been a huge boost.

  Head parts bearing the importance

Bearings are a more important part in modern mechanical equipment, its main function is to support the mechanical rotator, reducing the coefficient of friction in the moving process, and ensure the accuracy of the rotation. Cartridge headset bearings are located in the front fork and Head parts between the handle vertical tube of a bearing. In ordinary, Head parts are relatively obscure, only in the event of failure, will get attention. Now, buying a new car, this cartridge headset bearings are attaches.