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Discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of bicycle bearings manufacturers and application
Edit: Cixi dromaeosaurs bearing factoryDate: 2016-07-27

All bearing bicycle bearings manufacturer has called Palin, Palin's name is actually borrowed words, professional circles, deep groove ball bearings, used most on the bike now is basically deep groove ball bearings. I have seen users when it comes to a thrust bearing, in fact, is the angular contact ball bearing, currently rarely used bicycles, mainly relationship may be price. Current bike bearing one of the following:
1: high grade: ceramic ball bearing, is the ball is the use of ceramic balls (Si3N4), but stainless steel inside and outside the ring, the domestic brands 9Cr18, SUS440C international brands. Advantages: flexible, high speed, durable; cons: bearing channel easy to scratch, costs a lot.
2: high-end stainless steel bearings, stainless steel flanged ball bearings, bearings and the difference is that the inside of the ball is made of stainless steel, material and ferrule material. Advantages: durable, flexible rotation, the relative price of ceramic ball bearings is much cheaper; cons: haven't found.
3: low end: bearing bearing steel, GCr15, 52100 international brands. Advantages: cheap; cons: not durable.
4: Overload: filled with ball bearings, is no bearings inside the bearing retainer, all ball. Advantages: it can overload; cons: slow speed, cannot withstand the high speed. Really high-end bike is no bearing (of course this is not absolute), because when I started or emergency to speed up, once the bearings are great, will definitely have a plastic deformation of the bearing, reaction to the driver feels is "missed" it appears not smooth feeling. But what my client told me earlier, forget it. Hope some bikers know be informed. But bearing manufacturers are now better import oil prices are 6-7 thousand barrels, such as Japan's Kyodo yushi (Kyodo Yushi), United States foo (this price is cheaper), high-end use DuPont oil or Krupp oil prices generally have around 15000. We ordinary people it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad fat. We the people have the myth that manufacturers say high precision bearings in General is actually what we call basic accuracy, is the bearing diameter, outside diameter and width. The size of the control usually do very well, because domestic plant are hundred percent testing, that is singled out. True bearing is good or bad depends on the bearing design and processing technology, quality is measured depends on the bearing of the five rotation accuracy, this is critical.