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Chinese bearing industrial transformation and upgrading of the bevel line from big to strong development of thin-walled bearing
Edit: Cixi dromaeosaurs bearing factoryDate: 2016-05-13

At present, China bearing industry development environment is undergoing profound change, accumulated deep-rooted problems has become increasingly prominent, extensive growth model is unsustainable and has entered the transformation and upgrading of the need to promote sound and fast development of new industrial phase. Is to change the development mode of transformation, driven by innovation, endogenous growth, intensive high performance, green, low-carbon, domestic demand-led transformation upgrades is to fully optimize the trade structure, organization structure, technical structure, structure, layout, structure, promote overall optimization of the industrial structure. By upgrading to accelerate the realization of changing from traditional industrialization to a new road to industrialization, improve the ability of China bearing industry's core competitiveness and sustainable development, the realization of scientific development.

China bearing industry association in the early 21st century, through the efforts of 3~4 five-year plan period, bearing production country in the world was built by becoming world bearing power to achieve change from big to strong. Our focus on the development of bearing products are:

CNC machine tool bearings: high speed and high precision CNC machine tool bearings and spindles, ball screws, large machine turntable bearings bearing units;
Rail bearings: emus bearings, heavy haul railway freight bearings bearings, new urban rail transit;
Long life high reliability car bearing: car with 3rd generation wheel bearing unit, and long life car pump axis even bearing, and new overload car car bridge bearing and the unit, and car automatically gearbox bearing, and car throttle door with stamping outer ring needle roller bearings, and strengthening type Kai blackout motivation with stamping outer ring needle roller bearings, and car generator bearing one-way pulley Assembly, and car generator belt roll needle beyond clutch device, and car coupled device needle roller bearings, and car steering needle roller bearings, and car steering machine thin-walled ball bearing;
High power wind turbine bearings: increaser bearings, spindle bearings, alternator bearings, 5MW 2MW yaw and pitch bearing, 2MW Wind turbine pitch link bearings;
High speed and high accuracy and high reliability of metallurgical mechanical bearings: sheet bearing for rolling mill, continuous casting line segments bearing, high speed wire rod guide bearing and unit;
Power engineering machinery and mining machinery bearings: TBM main bearing and advance the cylinder bearing bearings, cement mills, construction machinery heavy duty long life bearings, off-highway dump truck with oversize bearings, gear box bearings and construction machinery heavy duty, long-life, maintenance-free, shock-resistant sleeve.
In addition, it also has ultra-deep drilling rig bearings, high speed and long life of textile equipment bearings, Super precision spindle bearings, self-lubricating civil aviation joint medical devices bearing, RV reducer ultra light series bearings, high precision for printing press cylinder high load capacity bearings and surface maintenance long life of heavy trucks cross the axis and other products.
In short, China bearing industry through optimization of organizational structure, building core capacity through technology upgrading, creating core technologies through the optimization and upgrading of product structure, core products, enhance core competitiveness and realize the change from big to strong. This is China bearing industry structure optimization and upgrade development roadmap, from big to strong, is deep in world and domestic adjustments, opportunities and challenges of China bearing industry the only way for survival and development.