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Thin-walled bearing-the difference between domestic and foreign bearings
Edit: Cixi dromaeosaurs bearing factoryDate: 2016-09-23

  Thin-walled bearing – comparison of domestic and foreign bearings

Indeed, compared with SKF than ZWZ easier, but can clearly see SKF packaging is carefully designed, simple but not simple. ZWZ package is a unique style of Chinese industrial products, packaging is thick but almost no design aesthetic at all. Some people will find industrial products what you want beauty, but in my opinion this is the attitude of the two companies the difference and different corporate culture, then deep and can even see two gaps in enterprise management level.

Open the package put together two bearings, ZWZ was kind of flurry of silver, you can see the specific lines of steel, SKF is a little bit darker, but seemingly delicate feel than the ZWZ, although you got the touch sense is no different. Equipped with the 50% when I like hands-on try-end cover rotation of that feeling. SKF bearing motor I can not too much strength to push it down, but hundreds of kg of castings, to play like a top, hehe. ZWZ SKF is obviously difficult, and meat a few circle stopped.

SKF bearings can reach what standard is it? I do not understand the data, but I can come up with a Visual Guide. Our motor rings are very bad, year-round work in conditions of water and dust, so the product warranty period of only one year, from the Sales Department of statistical data, some customers also use 7, 8 can work properly. Has done so much, and I want to say is the SKF bearing life than our longer motor life, often electrical scrap the bearing is still in use, but no way can only be scrapped with motor, because it cannot be removed to continue.

Work later because I need to come into contact with a lot of after sales information, colleagues and I lived in the dorms who also happened to be aftermarket sector, often hear him say a product issue. ZWZ after about a year of use, because the tremors, fever and abnormal sound of bearings problems more. SKF products is fundamental not to respond to the reasons for bearing these conditions (However, once the water and into the dust, whose bearing is dead immediately).

Machinery manufacturing level of developed countries, China still has a large gap, news often says "20" this figure, but I think 20-year X2 may not be able to catch up with the advanced country level. We weak of roots is whole based subject system and family gap too big, and not mechanical manufacturing industry this a "appearances", so above has know friends said made not out high-end bearing is because equipment reasons I cannot completely agreed, high-end equipment itself on without advanced of material science, reality is even we has has equipment, subject Yu material science, and process design even is Assembly technology of behind we as made not out. Basic science gaps are not 1:30 will be able to keep up with, much less advanced countries has never been stopped and waiting for us to catch up with, advances in technology there is the Matthew effect, so I've always suspected "bridging the technology gap with the developed countries," the claim.