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Advantages and disadvantages of micro bearing-stainless steel bearing
Edit: Cixi dromaeosaurs bearing factoryDate: 2016-10-08

According to materials physics research, magnetic metal from electron spin structure, belonging to the quantum mechanical properties of electron spin, either up "or down". In ferromagnetic metals, electronics will automatically rotate in the same direction, and anti-Ferromagnetism metals, some electronics in accordance with the rules of the model, electrons moving in the opposite direction, or adjacent antiparallel spin, but for triangular lattice electrons in it, because the two electrons in each triangle must be in accordance with spin in the same direction, so spin structure no longer exists. Generally speaking, austenitic stainless steel (304 represented) is not magnetic, but it also may have a weak magnetic and ferrite (there are 440C, 409l, 439, and 445nf, and so on) and martensite (represented by 410) are generally magnetic (of course, bearing the production process will be handled by degaussing of this procedure).

  Micro bearing -the advantages of stainless steel bearings

1. excellent corrosion resistance: difficult to rust, with good corrosion resistance.

2. wash: stainless steel bearings can wash down without having to re-lubricants, to prevent rusting of the punishment.

3. can run on liquid: due to the materials used, we can run the bearing and the bearing seat in the liquid.

4. a slow depletion: AISI 316 stainless steel, corrosion protection do not need oil or grease. Therefore, if low speed and load, without lubrication.

5. health: natural stainless steel clean, non-corrosive.

  Micro bearing -stainless steel bearing faults

Stainless steel bearing failure mainly due to defects and overload two factors. When the applied load exceeds the strength limit resulting parts break called overload fracture. Overloaded host the main causes of sudden failure or improper installation. Micro-crack of bearing parts, shrinkage, bubbles, overheated large foreign bodies, organizations and local burn defects in shock overload or severe vibrations will cause fracture at the defect, called a defect fault. It should be noted that bearings in the manufacturing process, raw materials into the plant to reinspect, forging and heat treatment quality control, process control through the instrument is correct in interpreting the defect exists, control must be strengthened in the future. In General, however, usually stainless steel bearing failure most overload failure.