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Wheel bearing how to remove
Edit: Cixi dromaeosaurs bearing factoryDate: 2016-10-26

Castor is a generic term, including activities and fixed casters casters. Activity is what we call universal wheel casters, its structure allows for 360 degree rotation fixed casters also known as directional casters, it has no rotating structure, can't move. Usually two castors in General is with the use of, such as the structure of the cart is in front of two directional wheels, near the drive is two Hooke′s joints of the arm in the back round.

Wheel bearing removal we mainly have the following methods:

(1) temperature disassembly method

Remove wheel bearing use the principle of expansion and contraction. Commonly used oils are heated by central heating, induction heating, and heat transfer.

(2) pressure-removal method

At room temperature without changing the wheel bearing inner diameter, outer diameter and geometry of the journal or Castor bearing block hole matches the size, directly on the wheel bearing force demolition methods (assisted removal tool).

(3) method of hydraulic disassembly

High pressure oil by preparation of the oil holes and grooves into the caster bearings interference fit, and thanks to the high pressure oil top tension mating surfaces, high pressure oil film is formed, then trundle bearing down.