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Wheel bearing-wheel maintenance
Edit: Cixi dromaeosaurs bearing factoryDate: 2016-10-19

Castor is a generic term, including activities and fixed casters casters. Activity is what we call universal wheel casters, its structure allows for 360 degree rotation fixed casters also known as directional casters, it has no rotating structure, can't move. Usually two castors in General is with the use of, such as the structure of the cart is in front of two directional wheels, near the drive is two Hooke′s joints of the arm in the back round. Super poly ammonia fat round, and high strength poly ammonia fat round regardless of in indoor outdoor of ground driving, are can meet you of handling requirements; high strength artificial type is can applies Yu hotel, and medical devices, and floors, and wood floor, and tile ground, requirements walking Shi noise small quiet of ground Shang driving; nylon round, and iron round applies Yu ground uneven or ground Shang has iron, material of site; and cheer round is applies Yu light load and the road soft not flat of occasions. Wheel bearings is only one small casters exist. But no matter what, caster bearings or part of casters in, since we have to take good care of him, so what do we care for him?

1. to avoid overloading or improper use, universal wheel cargo extra heavy duty to light when in the car. On rough pavement at high speed or weight crushing wheel can cause the wheel or damage to the equipment. Therefore, please check back periodically;

2. brackets and fasteners: caster loose axle and nuts tighten and check welds or support plates have been damaged, overloading or impact can lead to bracket twist. Distorting support overloaded tilting pressure on individual wheels and cause premature failure of the wheel;

3. lubrication: periodically lubricating the wheels and bearings can long-term use;

4. fixed industrial casters must be on the axle in a straight line;

5. If the fixed industrial casters for use with rotary industrial casters, caster all industrial casters must be compatible with each other.