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The development trend of micro bearing
Edit: Cixi dromaeosaurs bearing factoryDate: 2016-10-12

  Micro bearing mainly used for matching with the hosting industry, including automotive, appliance, medical equipment and other industries and related industries will drive industry demand.

The trend of China's auto market has maintained rapid growth in recent years, car ownership per capita, household income, per capita car ownership and other factors taken into account, the car still in incremental market and are not diverted into the stock market.

With China's economic development, bearing industry has large economies of scale. But compared with the industrial power of the world, there is still a gap between the bearing industry. In recent years, with the economy booming, China bearing industry innovation economy matching ability is greatly enhanced, China bearing industry has been able to produce more than 70,000 more than the various types of bearings, basically meet the matching requirements of the national economy and national defense.

As miniaturization electrification of the car, the corresponding components is increasing. Therefore, the market will continue to expand in the future with automotive-related parts. Development of automotive bearings, will focus on security, improving efficiency and reducing harmful substance. Radiator cooling fan motor, wiper motor, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve and anti-lock braking system (ABS) as the representative of the pump motor and its application system is the main field of application of miniature bearings.

Micro ball bearing applies Yu high-speed rotary, and low friction torque, and low vibration, and low noise requirements of products, as Office devices, and micro motor, and soft drive, and pressure rotor, and tooth section teeth drill, and hard disk motor, and step into motor, and VCR drum, and toy model, and computer fan,, in recent years various industrial equipment, and small rotary motor of micro-miniaturization, and light quantitative, and thin-walled type of of tendencies has increased, stimulus micro bearing of needs rose.

Bearing machinery industry as an important machine components, will also usher in new opportunities for development. In 2013 to the bearing industry is an opportunity for years, but with the maturing of the bearing industry, 2016 or even in the bearing industry was a development year in future years.