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Cartridge headset bearings disassembly and maintenance
Edit: Cixi dromaeosaurs bearing factoryDate: 2016-11-01

Head parts are fixed to the front forks and frame a firmware, located between the front fork and handlebars riser Head parts, its almost hard to see, and it comes in a fist size, so it's easier to ignore, often only when a fault, Head parts are notable.

1. cartridge headset bearings disassembly

We are planning tools: small hooks, hexagonal wrench, small knife, spray cleaning agents, grease.

(1) using Allen wrench remove made the cover, loosen the screw made, remove the handlebar;

(2) and remove the upper and lower headset, grease, wipe the surface clean with a rag;

(3) then use a knife to open the headset bearings or ball-bearing dust cover, spray cleaner;

(4) wash and wipe dry, apply the right amount of grease in the bearings or ball ring, it is best to bury beads, put the dust cover back, Head Office also put some oil into the bowl set;

(5) set the front fork washer Bowl team, under and on the front fork tube is inserted into the head tube of the frame;

(6) put some grease on the head tube of the frame and set the bowl set into the front fork tubes, install the headset Cap;

(7) Finally, with a hexagonal wrench back into stem cartridge headset bearings installation is complete.

2. cartridge headset bearings maintenance

(1) bearing clearance test

To detect whether the Head parts before riding loose: tighten the front wheel under braking conditions, the body before and after the drive, and then on the thumb and index finger on the bearing housing. Feel the shell on the gasket cracks actuating status, if Head parts have a gap, you need to carefully check and adjustment.

(2) adjustments

In General, headset after loosening is due to the long ride thread loosening or the original installation clearance of the bearing caused by change. Need to slightly loosen the handlebar locking screws, and moderately tighten the locking screws of the top of the head tube. State-controlled torque wrench, torque tighten in strict accordance with the parts labeled, without advanced tools, plain Hexagon bit in the portfolio tool. Then gently turn the fork, see Turning there is no resistance. Finally, tighten the fixing screws can be made. Shake before and after finally go over the handlebars.

If the head tube at the top of the locking screws are tight even the rotation of the front fork has some resistance, shaking tests can still be bearing housing open before and after moving, it indicates that your headset has a fault. You need to be replaced or go to the dealership for further examination.

  Cartridge headset bearings manufacturer's tips:

Head parts should be checked before each ride, which takes only a few seconds. Loose headset continues to ride a line will cause damage to the headset. And lead to steering failure, abnormal balance control. Therefore, to check and adjust the Head parts, can sang parts of life, reducing cycling injuries.