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  • Introduction to micro bearing knowledge


    Miniature bearings refers to metric, outer diameter of less than 9mm; Inch series, various types of bearings is less than 9.525mm outer diameter! mainly made of carbon steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, plastics, ceramics, and minimal internal diameter of which can be done 0.6mm, diameter of 1mm more.
  • Wheel bearings how to choose


    On how to choose quality casters, I believe we already have certain knowledge, so a good caster depends on quality of the bearing. But how to choose high quality wheel bearings, this one has some knowledge, now small series will teach you approach it!
  • Bicycle bearings factory tutor your h...


    Bicycle bearings factory tutor you how to identify good or bad and how bicycle bearings in the shaft removed. Bicycle bearings how to identify good or bad Bicycle bearings in the shaft removal method:
  • Bicycle bearings manufacturers-distin...


    Everyone for adding your own bicycle bearing butter this statement, but what about how to choose better butter? bike bearing manufacturers tell you the answer. Market common lubricating grease
  • Bicycles bearing the manufacturer's m...


    Bearings for bicycles, the same as the joints of the body, whether it is able to rotate or swing places, turning bearing or gasket is used to make the parts more smoothly. Bearing the extent, the amount will vary depending on price or the car, currently hard tail bike uses the bearing parts are: leading, the flower drum, pedal and shaft; if the problem in bearing and continued to ride, bearing not only deformation, jammed, also indirectly led to the surrounding part deformation or damage. Therefore, to develop the good habit of regularly checking the bearings, is to protect the car and the best way to ensure ride safety.
  • Cartridge headset bearings installati...


    Cartridge headset bearings installation and debugging skills Cartridge headset bearings maintenance methods and recommendations
  • Head parts manufacturing and maintena...


    Cartridge headset bearings manufacturing method of characteristics: Maintenance method for cartridge headset bearings: Final recommendation: Head parts should be checked before each ride, which takes only a few seconds. Loose headset continues to ride a line will cause damage to the headset. And lead to steering failure, abnormal balance control. Therefore, to check and adjust the Head parts, can sang parts of life, reducing cycling injuries.
  • Positioning of the cartridge headset ...


    In front tube diameter at through Qian fork of Qian fork straight tube, and Qian fork straight tube its wear out front tube of top Department put reset with its bottom Xia pressure front tube and Qian fork straight tube between of car head Bowl and is located in Qian fork straight tube bottom and front tube bottom between of got off head bowl of handles straight tube, and the front Bowl within has bearing, and front tube relative Yu the front bowl of bearing at set reset axis body, and the reset axis body is through relative Yu the front bowl of bearing end margin and set of oblique to reset margin positioning bearing. Both ends of the front tube diameter relative to reset the axle body with chimeric slots SAG, while shaft is provided with corresponding to the chimeric slots projecting chimeric. Characterized, front of the bowl of the pipe relative to the head bearing set reset shaft, and each shaft is by relative to the front of the bowl of the inclined to reset the margins for the bearing edge to bearing. Through the structure, the stable positioning of the bearing, and the composition and maintenance is very convenient.
  • Wheel bearing installation steps, and...


    Wheel bearings are properly installed, affect precision, long life and performance. Prior to installation, we must know how to properly install the wheel bearing. Following small make up to you to clear the installation steps.
  • Full ball bicycle hub bearing adjusti...


    Believes many car friends are is from low-grade car began burn up of, I has a car thousand Yuan around of low-grade car, with has has four or five years has, for I of times travel State Xia has played, while due to I is like hands-on since has maintenance car car, thus it also with to I has many maintenance fun, gossip less said, into Chase full ball bike drum axis.