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How to ditch a rail bearing service life
Edit: Cixi dromaeosaurs bearing factoryDate: 2016-05-26

Double Groove guide bearings are suitable for all kinds of industrial equipment, Office equipment, small rotary motor, micro-motor drive, pressure on the rotor, dental Burs, hard disk, VCR drum motor, stepping motor, toy model, fan, sliding Wheels, wheel, transmission equipment, recreational equipment, robotics, medical equipment, Office equipment, testing equipment, gear, transmission, electrical optical, imaging devices, card readers, mechanical and electrical products, precision machinery, power tools, toys and so on.
Application is so broad, then problem is manufacturers and users will care about length--flange bearing life, such as: double Groove Guide main radial bearing load, can also accommodate radial loads and axial loads. But for flanged bearing life is not very understanding, teach everyone to extend bearing life of 3 of the following measures:
(1) in order to allow the bearing retainer RADIUS with the bearing ring gap than in the direction of eccentricity, to improve the internal structure;
(2) using FEM analysis, through to optimize the shape and thickness, increase cage strength;
(3) in order to prevent the oil as a result of surface damage, design guide Groove in the bearing ring.